Education is the best way to transform people and structures

Fundación Entreculturas is a large Jesuit NGO, set up in 1985 to help the growing Fe y Alegría educational movement in Latin America. We draw on the wealth of missionary experience within the Society of Jesus in Spain, bringing together the various institutions, secretariats and development NGOs in solidarity with the poor of the global South.

Most of our project work is in Latin America, while our humanitarian emergency response is mainly in Africa. We work with a range of partners in the field, particularly Fe y Alegría and Jesuit Refugee Services.

We focus on education as a tool for development and social change. The ‘Entreculturas Solidarity Network for Young People’ is a programme in 115 schools across Spain that seeks to develop a sense of solidarity and justice, helping students become good global citizens. Entreculturas plays an integral role in Spain’s education aid programmes, with recent reports produced on refugees, education and the environment.

Since 1991, over 800 people have participated in our overseas volunteer programme VOLPA, a 2-3 year personal commitment that aims to build bridges between communities and transform participants into life-long agents of social change.

Banner photo: HAITI: Entreculturas as part of the Xavier Network and Fe y Alegría continues to provide relief after Hurricane Matthew, focusing on schools, livelihoods and disaster preparedness.