Human development, a dignified life and justice are the heritage of all humanity

ALBOAN is the international development NGO of the Jesuits in the Basque Country and Navarre. We have 200 active projects across 18 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, helping mainly children, young people and women in these areas:

Our hard-hitting campaigns currently include ‘Conflict-free technology’, which raises awareness of the exploitation of ‘conflict minerals’ hidden in our mobile phones and tablets. Armed groups control the mining and sale of these minerals, spreading violence and death in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are pushing for manufacturers to check their supply chains and for legislators to tighten controls.

Our transformative education programme offers advice and training to school teachers with the aim of building the ideas of solidarity and justice into their teaching practice.

ALBOAN was formed in 1996 out of various Jesuit missionary secretariats in the former province of Loyola as well as in Gujarat and the Far East. In 2004, we incorporated the work of the Fe y Alegria movement into our priorities. We send between three and six volunteers overseas each year.


“I’m a daughter, woman, worker, public speaker, defender of human rights and a student. But above all, I’m a social fighter who believes that a new reality can be built by everyone.”

Nancy Orellana, 24 years old, Honduras