Who we are

The Xavier Network is an international mission and development partnership between Jesuit organisations working in faith to promote justice.

We are the first such network in the Jesuit world, set up with the simple principle that by joining together we can achieve more.

Our 14 members are the mission offices and NGOs of various Jesuit Provinces across Europe, North America and Australia. Members are present in over 87 countries, carrying out development and aid projects in close cooperation with local partners.

While we are distinct agencies, we share a rich faith tradition and long experience working alongside the poorest and most marginalised people. We share the same fundamental understanding of solidarity and justice, rooted in the principles of the Society of Jesus.

The Xavier Network was legally constituted as a foundation in 2004. We take our name and inspiration from St Francis Xavier, one of the very first Jesuits, and our logo comes from his signature.