The Project “Semear e Cuidar” releases final video

“What connects different geographies, organizations and actors? Can we learn together how to transform reality – our own and the one that surrounds us – from so many different starting points and experiences?

This is the challenge that the video “Learning to transform reality” sets, through the voice of those who lived the project “Semear e Cuidar: um Impulso ao Desenvolvimento com as Comunidades de Nhangau, ” an initiative that sought to work on rural development with the communities of Nhangau. The project ended in July 2019 with a meeting in Beira between all the participants.

Promoted by the partnership FGS – Fundação Gonçalo da SilveiraCISA – Centro de Investigação Santo Agostinho da Universidade Católica de Moçambique,  GASNova – Grupo de Acção Social (Portugal), Graal Moçambique – Movimento Graal Moçambique, Pabhodzi Group of the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Mozambique and  Silveira House – Jesuit Social Justice and Development Centre (Zimbabué), the project also had the involvement of the Beira District Economic Activities Service, the ADPP – Nhamatanda Polytechnic College, and the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Province of the Jesus. It was co-financed by Jesuit Mission Nuremberg, Camões IP and the campaign “Semear é Cuidar”.

You can know more about the project here.

Photos: CISA, FGS, GASNova e Pabhodzi  
Script and translation: FGS  
Edition: Âmago