Lok Manch close to the last ones even in Covid-19 emergency

In India, Covid-19 infections continue to increase – with about 650,000 cases, it ranks third in terms of number of people affected after Brazil and the United States. Nevertheless, all economic and commercial activities are slowly reopening but schools, subways and places of aggregation remain closed. The situation of migrant workers, trapped in cities or returned to villages, is critical. They are left without work and without means of subsistence and, unable to maintain the required social distance, they risk hunger. Many of these workers are tribal, Dalits, belong to particularly vulnerable groups and their condition was already unstable and precarious before the lockdown.

The Lok Manch network, with its 92 organizations spread throughout the Indian territory, immediately mobilized to help Dalits, tribals and marginalized communities in difficulty by providing a series of material aid, guaranteeing support and accompaniment to the services and facilitations allocated by the governments. The priority is to guarantee food aid to families through the direct distribution of food, including the setting up of community kitchens to feed over 70,000 people. Masks, sanitizers and medical aid have been distributed to as many people. Around 5,000 families were supplied with drinking water, while milk for children and the elderly was distributed in 70 slums.

In the areas most affected by the virus, 11 Covid-19 Quarantine Centres and 3 shelters for the homeless have been opened. In addition, 46 buses have been set up to take migrants home and 21 telephone help points have been opened to help migrants still in difficulty. 766 people received a small amount of financial aid. Information campaigns are being carried out in villages and slums on preventive measures to be taken, hygiene and social distancing. Families are informed about how to access the Government’s planned social packages and how to request additional food rations from public food distribution shops.

Lok Manch, thanks to the network of international donors including MAGIS and the network of animators active on Indian territory who live in villages and slums – some 5,520 community leaders – is able to provide the indispensable aid to Dalits, Adivasi, minorities and vulnerable communities in difficulty by responding to the emerging needs of the communities in which they live. A humanitarian intervention that starts from the bottom! this is the “magis” of the Lok Manch network.

You can support the network Lok Manch, “la rete per gli ultimi” by making a donation at https://magis.gesuiti.it/come-ci-puoi-aiutare/#donazioni 


(Banner photo: Dry ration kit distributed to differently-abled. Credit: Lok Manch)