Cyclone Idai Appeal

Members of the Xavier Network are responding to Cyclone Idai which has hit Southern Africa during the last week. Hundreds of people have died and thousands more have been affected.

The Xavier Network are in touch with their local partners in Southern Africa. The Jesuits have been present in these countries for many decades. They have the confidence of the local people and the experience to accompany them as they recover from this tragedy. A region which is already suffering from chronic food shortages, it is once again the poorest of the poor who are suffering from this weather related disaster. There is no electricity across much of the area and drinking water is scarce and food supplies are rapidly running low.

Flood waters are continually rising, putting hundreds of thousands of peoples’ lives at risk. Reports indicate that 260,000 children are living in desperate conditions. The local authorities are concerned that damage to the water supplies and over-crowding could lead to an outbreak of cholera.

You can donate to Jesuit Missions Cyclone Idai Appeal here.