CO2 calculator: compensate flights, protect the climate!

Jesuit Missions Germany have launched an appeal allowing people to offset their flights by donating to one of their climate projects.

Klaus Väthröder SJ, Head of the Jesuit Mission in Germany:

“Our climate protection projects help to reduce CO2 emissions through afforestation – and they support the local population in countries of the global south. They reduce poverty by empowering women, protecting health and creating perspectives.”

Flights release climate-damaging gases such as carbon dioxide. The changes in climate is affecting the global south the hardest with an increased frequency of climate related disasters. The carbon released from a short flight such as London to Rome is more than the carbon emitted by citizens in a whole year in several countries in the global South (The Guardian).

With the CO2 calculator, Jesuit Missions Germany invites air travellers to follow Pope Francis’ call for “a new and universal solidarity”: solidarity with those who suffer the worst from the effects of the man-made climate crisis.


On their project page air travellers can determine their carbon footprint and then have the opportunity to make a donation to support one of their eco-projects in India or Cambodia to compensate for their flights.