Bringing light to the darkness in Myanmar

In response to the growing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, Jesuit Mission Australia has launched an Emergency Action Appeal for Christmas.

Since the military staged a coup in February 2021, the people of Myanmar have been under attack. The takeover has brought poverty, death and untold suffering to people in every part of the country.

Despite the risks, Jesuits on the ground in Myanmar continue to stand by the people, and are working around the clock to deliver urgent food, shelter and essential supplies to those who are suffering.

Food distribution in Yangon helps vulnerable communities to get back on their feet. Photo: Jesuit Mission Australia.

Right now, over 1.3 million people are displaced and foreign investors have fled Myanmar, leading to economic collapse. More than half the population are living below the poverty line, and peace is becoming a distant memory.

“I have been keeping in close contact with our Jesuit partners working on the ground, and they have updated me that many of the people they are supporting have now been displaced multiple times. Many are sheltering in the jungles where it is difficult to reach them with food, shelter and medicines. Worse still, help is frequently prevented from reaching the people who are in most urgent need” said Helen Forde, CEO of Jesuit Mission.

While access has been blocked for many humanitarian organisations, the Jesuits in Myanmar are uniquely placed to provide vital support and supplies to people in desperate need.

As the Jesuits have been working in Myanmar for many years, they have developed deep connections to local communities. These trusted networks are allowing the Jesuits to deliver urgent food, medicine and shelter to displaced people, and to reach those most vulnerable communities living in slum areas.

“Since war was unleashed on the population, the people have known no relief. In the townships and communities where we work, hunger is only too evident,” said Jesuit Mission’s partner on the ground*. “We continue to walk with the people of Myanmar, try to nurture hope and give what practical help is possible.

Jesuit Mission Australia stands in solidarity with the people of Myanmar, and calls on the community this Christmas to help bring light to our sisters and brothers living in darkness.


To make a donation to the Jesuit Mission Australia Emergency Action appeal for Myanmar – go to or call 02 8918 4109.


Written by Zach Martorana, Communications Officer at Jesuit Mission Australia

Banner photo: Food distribution in Yangon helps vulnerable communities to get back on their feet. Credit: Jesuit Mission Australia.